What our customers say

"Silver Catalyst helps us organize our work better, and the possibility to have both Scrum and Kanban gives us flexibility so groups with different approaches can use the tool."

Amanda Varella, Program Manager, Fortune 50 company

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"Silver Catalyst enabled the collaboration that agile teams thrive on. Teams identified innovative solutions when they understood the full project context."

Helene Gidley, Owner, HSG Consulting

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"Other tools were too complex and seemed to hide more information than they made visible. Silver Catalyst used a visual approach to agile management which aligned with the way our creative people think. "

Emil Harmsen, CEO, Forever Interactive

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Why use electronic agile boards? Here are some reasons

Collaborate with distributed teams

Take your physical board online so that globally distributed team members and stakeholders can effectively participate in your project.

Support complex board designs

Fully customize scrum taskboards as well as kanban boards. Add and rearrange the columns on the board. Create horizontal and vertical swimlanes. Set limits. Changing the board design electronically is a lot easier than rearranging a physical board.

Multi-process support

Organizations are increasingly using different processes for different types of projects. Tools For Agile is the only toolset to support Scrum, Kanban as well as Scrumban.

Work with large number of cards

Once you have a lot of cards on your board, physical boards get restrictive. You run out of wall space, you start overlapping cards, you need to get really close to read what is on the card. With an electronic board, you have infinite space, and you can zoom in and out of any part of the board with ease.

Replicate the feel of physical boards

The Tools For Agile suite has been designed from the ground up to replicate the feel of a physical board. Add cards in seconds. Drag and drop just like on a real board. Zoom in and out. Use colors to highlight specific cards. Make your project management visual and tactile.

Eliminate overheads

Do you spend a substantial portion of your day doing low value clerical work? Like counting cards on the board to manually create burdown charts and cumulative flow graphs? Or calculating lead time and throughput by hand? Or writing mundane status reports to management? With Tools For Agile, all this is automated. Automatically collect metrics, produce charts and email reports and save yourself hours a day.

Support multi-team, multi-project structures

Once you have multiple teams on a project, or you have a shared team across projects, then physical boards lose their context. It becomes impossible to match team level progress against high level objectives. With Tools For Agile you can easily support such workflows. Cards flow seamlessly from high level story maps to multiple team boards, and the progress is tracked back.

Take your project management to the next level

Once your data is stored in the tool, you can do all sorts of cool things with it. Want a report that we don't have? Simple. Use our API automatically pull data and build the report yourself. Want to hook up with other tools? You can do that with third party tool integrations. Exploit the power of your data.