[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban

Posted on June 23rd, 2013 in Infographic, Kanban by Divya Sornaraja || 25 Comments

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban

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25 Responses to “[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban”

  1. Andrea Ross Says:


    I’m the founder of a user group specifically for Kanban in Richmond Virginia. We are a non porfit volunteer group of Kanban for knowlegeware enthusiasts. I saw this image and thought it was extremely well done. We are at CapitalKanban.org.

    I was wondering if I might get permision to use the image of the coffee cup with the Kanban ingredients ont he front page of our web site.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  2. siddharta Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Sure, feel free to reuse and share. Just make sure that the whole image is shared as-is and it is not edited :)

  3. Kanbantafel Says:

    In my opinion, Kanban is more like a well cooked soup: You need a couple of ingredients but the real relish is salt – in transferring to Kanban – a efficient tool that gives you the feeling like everything is harmonious.

  4. Understanding Kanban through 7 images | 404 Tech Support Says:

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  5. Isabel Says:

    Great stuff Nick. Here in WI most companies THINK Lean is what the Leaning Tower of Pisa does, at least as far as their acinuntcog department is concerned. I put the word Lean principles in the search for ALL acinuntcog jobs in WI on a website and Found ONE in the entire state. This is proof to me that Lean is not the business strategy of these companies. How can it be if the bean-counters are not on board ?Companies here say they are LEAN but they have monster ERP systems, standard cost systems where they are chasing ghosts(variances) all the time, and complicated reporting mechanisms where they are more concerned with finding people who can use pivot tables and macros than people who can simplify processes, eliminate waste, create value for the customer, and most importantly, help them make money.Trying to combine Lean manufacturing with traditional acinuntcog is definitely like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It ain’t gonna work.

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