[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban

Posted on June 23rd, 2013 in Infographic, Kanban by Divya Sornaraja || 4 Comments

[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban

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4 Responses to “[INFOGRAPHIC] Ingredients of Kanban”

  1. Andrea Ross Says:


    I’m the founder of a user group specifically for Kanban in Richmond Virginia. We are a non porfit volunteer group of Kanban for knowlegeware enthusiasts. I saw this image and thought it was extremely well done. We are at CapitalKanban.org.

    I was wondering if I might get permision to use the image of the coffee cup with the Kanban ingredients ont he front page of our web site.

    Thanks for your consideration!


  2. siddharta Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Sure, feel free to reuse and share. Just make sure that the whole image is shared as-is and it is not edited :)

  3. Kanbantafel Says:

    In my opinion, Kanban is more like a well cooked soup: You need a couple of ingredients but the real relish is salt – in transferring to Kanban – a efficient tool that gives you the feeling like everything is harmonious.

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