New! Redesigned Home Page and Revised Pricing Structure

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Silver Catalyst got a couple of big updates today. First, we’ve redesigned the home page, in the process adding our latest feature – the project event stream. Second, we’ve revised the pricing structure. More on both these topics below.

Redesigned Home Page

The home page has been redesigned to incorporate our latest feature: The product event stream. The product event stream shows the latest five events from that project in reverse chronological order (newest event on top).  You can easily see when a feature has been added, a task completed or an estimate updated.

The other change is the addition of the mini burndown. This is a small burndown of the current iteration in the project.

Together, these two give a quick overview of the project. Now you can glance through all the projects on one page and get an idea of how things are going across all projects that you are involved with.

Click here to see the new home page.

Revised Pricing Structure

The second big change is the revised pricing structure. The old pricing structure had a big jump in the number of projects (and therefore the price) between the Basic and the Professional plans. We’ve now introduced an Intermediate plan with 8 premium projects and increased the number of projects in the Professional plan to 15 premium projects. The pricing per project has also been adjusted. The Personal plan is now just $25 per month. As you go to higher plans, the price per project comes down to only $16 per project per month.

All details are available on the pricing page.

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