Silver Catalyst Integration with Subversion, Wiki and Trac

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One of the big features of the on-site edition of Silver Catalyst is the ability to integrate with various third party tools. If you’ve wanted to see these integrations in action, then these videos are for you. These videos demonstrate Silver Catalyst’s integration with Subversion, Wikis and Trac. Check them out below.

For best viewing, watch the videos in Full Screen mode: Click the monitor icon on the video control bar to do this.

Subversion Integration

Ever wanted traceability between features and code? Want to know which commits correspond to a particular task implementation? Then Subversion integration is for you. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to link subversion commits to tasks in Silver Catalyst.

Wiki Integration

When Wiki integration is applied, Silver Catalyst will automatically link every feature with a page on the wiki. This is an easy, simple and agile way to manage project documentation. You can document customer conversations, design decisions, attach files and mockups and have them all accessible from the feature card in Silver Catalyst.

Trac Integration

The video below shows Silver Catalyst’s Trac integration. When this integration is applied, any tickets that are set to Accepted in Trac will be automatically imported into the Silver Catalyst backlog. Here, it can be prioritised, estimated and scheduled like any other feature. Any comments that are added to Trac are made visible in Silver Catalyst. When the defect is marked Pass in Silver Catalyst, the status is updated in the Trac instance.

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