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Posted on May 12th, 2009 in Agile, Silver Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

How fast can you create 3 stories (features), create an iteration, schedule them, break them into tasks, assign, estimate and move the tasks through the lifecycle? Think it’ll take a long time? Think again.

In our opinion, an easy to use agile tool should clock in at under 3 minutes on this challenge – one minute for each user story. Any longer and its just too time consuming for day to day agile usage. Users who have to sit through the tool everyday will wither work around the tool or login sporadically and perform big batch updates, both of which defeats the purpose of a tool.

Silver Catalyst clocks in at 2 minutes 15 seconds. It could have been faster, if assignment and estimate was entered while creating tasks, but the idea was is to try to mimic real development where someone picks up a task later.

Ease of use in agile tools for day to day operations is a big sticking point, and it would be nice to raise awareness through more such videos. Try out the challenge with your favourite tool, upload your videos and put the link with the timing in the comments. Looking forward to checking out the videos :)

See Silver Catalyst do the Agile Tool Challenge in this video below.

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