Defining feature types in Silver Catalyst

Posted on June 20th, 2009 in Silver Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

We released a new feature last week – the ability to define the type of each feature.

Feature Type (1)

Silver Catalyst supports six types of work items: Feature, Bug, Support, Enhancement, Spike and Chore.

Feature:  Use this to define new feature implementations

Bug:  Bugs reported for work completed in previous iterations

Support:  Use this for customer support requests. This is useful when you want to put support requests in the same backlog as the rest of the features

Enhancement:  Enhancement for an existing feature

Spike: Use this item for creating spikes. Spikes are investigative feature when you don’t have enough information to  estimate a feature

Chore:  Chores are technical tasks like refactoring, cleaning up parts of the code and so on

Feature cards are colour coded in the backlog and taskboard so you can easily see what type of feature it is.

Feature Type (2)

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