WIP Limit Override for the Kanban board

Posted on July 14th, 2009 in Kanban, Silver Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

Sometimes you are working to the full WIP limit capacity but you get one item that you just absolutely must expedite through immediately. Maybe it is a critical bug fix for a live system. What do you do then? There are a few times like these when you need to bypass the WIP limit to get something done.

The following guide shows how to expedite items overriding the WIP limit in Silver Catalyst.

Here you see a taskboard with a limit of 1 on the “In Progress” state. We have a critical bug that needs to be expedited through.

WIP Override 1

Here is how we do it. First, click the green flag icon on the item to be expedited.

WIP Override 2

This will allow the item to override WIP limits. The flag will turn red to denote this. Now you can just drag and drop as usual. The WIP limit will not apply to this item. The column will be highlighted yellow as a visual indicator to denote that the state is over the WIP limit.

WIP override 3

The override will also appear in the event stream

WIP override 4

and in the RSS feed

WIP Override 5

This way, everyone is kept informed about the override and

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