Setting user capacity limits in Silver Catalyst

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If you’re a consulting shop, you may have developers working on multiple projects at the same time. In such situations it can get difficult to gauge the developer load across projects. That’s where the new User Capacity Limits feature of Silver Catalyst comes into play. Here is how it works

Setting the User Capacity Limit for a Team Member

  1. Go to the User Capacity Limits submenu in the project settings
  2. Find the user you want to set a capacity for and click the green plus icon
  3. Enter the capacity limit. This is a number in the same units you use for estimation. So if you estimate in hours, enter a number in hours and so on
  4. Setting a capacity limit is purely optional. If it is not set, no limit will be in operation

Once you set a limit, then should the user be assigned more than the limit, a warning will be displayed.

User Capacity Limits 1

Use this feature with team members who are working on multiple projects to ensure that they don’t get assigned to more than they can handle.

BONUS: Implementing Per-User WIP Limit

If you  are doing Kanban, then apart from workflow state WIP limits, you may also want to set per-user WIP limits. You can use this feature to set it. Simply set the capacity to the WIP limit, and estimate each item as “1”. You will now get the warning if the user picks up more items in progress than the WIP limit you set.

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