Silver Catalyst: PDF Reports and Plugin support

Posted on April 20th, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

A big update. The latest version of Silver Catalyst was released on Tuesday, and it has a brand new plugin feature. This is a big feature for the version one release — which is right around the corner — because it means that Silver Catalyst becomes extensible in the future.

Along with the plugin support, the release contained the first plugin: PDF Report. With PDF Report, you can download a PDF version of the dashboard data. Why is this cool? Because this opens up a whole new set of possibilities like printing out the dashboard for the stand up meeting, or mailing the pdf to customers and executives who want to know the current state of the iteration. I can hear you ask why they need a PDF report when they can simply log into Silver Catalyst to find out the information. At this point I’ll just say that it’s a complete mystery to me why so few project management tools provide PDF output. I’ll talk about this in more detail tomorrow.

Apart from the benefits of PDF Report itself, it also validates the plugin concept. The ability to extend Silver Catalyst with plugins is very exciting. Expect many more plugins after the v1.0 release.

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