Creating Ad-hoc notes in Silver Catalyst

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One of the really nice things with physical cards is that you can easily annotate it with stickies and other things such that the story card conveys a huge amount of information right at a glance.

For instance, lets say that one feature requires having a conversation with Bill. This is not a formal task that you want to track, but its just a kind of ad-hoc reminder on something that needs to be done.

Doing this with physical cards is easy! Just take a small sticky, write “Talk to Bill” on it and slap it on the story card. Done!

You’ll never forget with the sticky right there on the card. When you’re done, take out the sticky, tear it up and throw it away.

This simple operation can become extremely complicated with an electronic tool.

That’s the kind of problem we always grapple with.

How can we make the board as simple, visible and flexible as a physical board, but retain all the functionality that electronic tools excel at?

Creating Ad-hoc notes in Silver Catalyst

So here is how you can create ad-hoc notes in Silver Catalyst and get them to display on the card in the board.

It’s very simple really.

Just go to the project settings and add a new custom field as shown below. Lets call this field ‘notes’. Set the type to text.

And…you’re done!

Now if you fill up this notes field, it will appear on the card on the board. Just like the image below.

Wasn’t that simple?

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