Tying up loose ends

Posted on May 4th, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

As Silver Catalyst nears the version 1.0 release, there have been a number of different things that I’ve been working on. Here is some of the stuff thats happening

  • The documentation is being re-written. From a content point of view, the new documentation will be much more complehensive. The Quick Tour and Agile Guide documents will be parts of the new document, which will also contain a reference for each screen and a special section on RSS and PDF output.
  • The documentation is also being re-designed. The original version used letter size pages. While that was good if you wanted to print out the documentation, it was difficult to read on-screen. The new one will be in potrait format, 10″ by 8″, for better on-screen viewing.
  • Setting up the online ordering process.
  • Getting an end user license agreement prepared. It will be similar to the standard EULA document but modified to comply with Indian Law.

The scheduled release date for version 1.0 is 14th May, ten days from now. If you would like to be notified of the release, you can either subscribe to this blog or join the community forum on Yahoo Groups.

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