New Silver Catalyst Pricing Model

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If you go over to the tools for agile pricing page, you’ll notice that we’ve introduced a new pricing model. We’ve moved to a new user based pricing model from the previous project based model.

Since this is a fairly big change, I thought I should explain the rationale behind it.

Why did we change the model?

We wanted a model that we could extend to Silver Stories, which is coming up. Since Silver Stories doesn’t have the concept of projects, we couldn’t use the same model. Either we needed to introduce a different pricing model for this tool, or we needed to move to a common model.

We decided to change to a user based pricing model which could be easily extended to Silver Stories as well.

What does it mean for existing customers on a project based model?

Nothing. If you are a customer, you will continue with the old model, just as before. However, if you upgrade you will have to transition to the new pricing model.

What about reduced visibility due to a per user model?

We have previously blogged about why per user models are harmful for agile teams. The short summary of that article is that user based pricing encourages teams to reduce the number of manager and stakeholder users in the tool, reducing project visibility. We definitely don’t want to reduce visibility so we thought hard about what we could do about it.

The result is that observer users will not count under the user limit and are not charged (observer users can view projects, but not edit – typically managers and stakeholders). You only pay for the participants and administrators in the workspace. This way you can have as many observer users as you need – increasing project visibility in the organization.

Further questions?

Feel free to ask in the comments below, or on our support site, or via the contact page.

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