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Silver Catalyst v1.2 is coming up. This version brings an all new feature — wiki integration. If you have an existing wiki installed (many agile teams do), then you can automatically link up each feature in Silver Catalyst with its own page on the wiki.

Unlike other project management tools, I’ve decided to integrate with an existing external wiki rather than provide an inbuilt wiki. Why? Here are some reasons

  • Many teams already have a wiki. It doesn’t make sense to ask them to abandon the tool that they are already comfortable with.
  • Existing wikis are extremely feature rich, and are functionally better than inbuilt wikis.
  • Why reinvent the wheel?

Having said that, there are also teams that don’t use a wiki. For these teams, it may be a hassle to setup and manage an external wiki. I’ll be packaging a pre-integrated version of Moin Moin so that these teams can get productive straight away. That won’t be a part of this release though, but stay tuned for it in the near future.

I chose Moin Moin because it is an excellent functional wiki with nice extensibility. Plus it is written in Python and that makes integration with Silver Catalyst a lot easier (Silver Catalyst is also written in Python).

Interestingly, the wiki integration feature was created using the plugin system. For those who are unaware about it, Silver Catalyst has a plugin system that allows you to create such integrations and extensions and plug it into the tool. The beauty of this system is that it allows anyone to write plugins and extend the tool. The exact mechanism of writing a plugin is a bit complicated and undocumented at this time, but I hope to polish it and open up the plugin APIs a month or two down the line.

[Update]: I was just re-reading this and I spotted one area of potential confusion. Moin Moin is licensed under the GPL, so what does pre-integrating mean and does it mean we have to release the source of Silver Catalyst? In this case pre-integrating just means that you will be able to run it using the same server that runs Silver Catalyst (the server will be pre-configured to allow running CGI applications).

Moin Moin will be in source form. Since we will not be using any Moin Moin code in Silver Catalyst, I think that it is okay to give Moin Moin as source and Silver Catalyst as binary. I’d love to be confirmed on this point though. If anyone has more information, that would be welcome.

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    […] If you visited the Silver Catalyst download page in the last day you would have noticed that a new version of Silver Catalyst is now available. Silver Catalyst v1.2 has been released. As posted earlier, this version introduces wiki integration (Not sure what a wiki is? Click here). What this means is that if you have an existing wiki, you can integrate Silver Catalyst with it. If you don’t use a wiki already, choose from one of the various wikis available and set it up. See here and here for a list of available wiki software and a comparison between them. […]

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