Tracking the big picture across a portfolio

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A big problem in effectively managing multi-initiative programs and portfolios is the ability to quickly grasp the big picture across all the initiatives and teams involved. The new Workspace Dashboard allows you to do just that. The screenshot below shows a typical dashboard.

The dashboard above tracks two teams, four standalone projects and seven initiatives. The structure is like this:

  • The seven initiatives are divided between the two teams. One team works on five initiatives while the other works on three. (One initiative is worked on by both the teams).
  • The two teams use a Kanban flow. One of the standalone projects uses Scrum, the other three use Kanban.
  • In addition there are four standalone projects that are not tied to any team or initiative.

The dashboard shows (as numbered in the picture):

  1. The cumulative flow graph for the two teams and the four standalone projects (Scrum teams will have a sprint burndown instead)
  2. The initiative status overlaid on the user story map: Red means that part of the initiative is not started yet, pink is queued to start, orange is in progress, green is done
  3. Pipeline status for each team: How many stories are queued up for the team, how many are in backlog, how many are done

With this information, a stakeholder, product owner or program manager can:

  1. Track a staggering amount of information across the portfolio. In this example: two teams, four standalone projects and seven initiatives
  2. See the status of initiatives across multiple teams that may be working on it
  3. See the status of teams across multiple initiatives that they may be involved in

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