Silver Catalyst v1.2 Released

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If you visited the Silver Catalyst download page in the last day you would have noticed that a new version of Silver Catalyst is now available. Silver Catalyst v1.2 has been released. As posted earlier, this version introduces wiki integration (Not sure what a wiki is? Click here). What this means is that if you have an existing wiki, you can integrate Silver Catalyst with it. If you don’t use a wiki already, choose from one of the various wikis available and set it up. See here and here for a list of available wiki software and a comparison between them.

Why integrate with a wiki? Many agile teams use a wiki to manage information and documentation about the project. It is common practice to create a wiki page for each feature and put any documentation about the project, acceptance test cases and other files relating to that feature on that wiki page. Apart from that, you would also put project documentation, design documentation, screenshots, diagrams on the wiki. A wiki is an easily editable, lightweight information management system that is popular with agile teams.

That’s why it is important that the project management tool integrates with a wiki. By clicking a task, you should be able to go straight to the wiki page for that task and view the requirements, tests and other documentation. That is exactly what this new version of Silver Catalyst allows you to do.

To setup the wiki integration, you need to enter the URL format string. This is a string like For each task, Silver Catalyst will replace the parameters %p (project name) and %T (task name with space converted to underscore) with the actual values and display a link next to the task. There are some more parameter patterns available, so you can generate the kind of URL you want. Clicking this link takes you to the corresponding page on the wiki.

The advantage of this method is

  • It is compatible with any wiki. In fact any web app that uses different URLs for different features can be integrated into Silver Catalyst using this method
  • It allows you to use the wiki that you are comfortable with. Want a simple wiki? Powerful wiki? Python wiki? Java wiki? It’s your choice.
  • External wikis are generally more feature rich and powerful compared to wikis that are inbuilt into project management tools

You can get this version of Silver Catalyst from the download page.

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