Software Project Management: Predictions for 2011

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It’s that time of the year again, when everyone feels compelled to either make resolutions or make predictions. It’s a lot of fun to make predictions and then revisit them year-end and realize how far off the mark you were. So here are my predictions for 2011:

  • Enterprise Kanban: People will start taking Kanban beyond single teams to manage higher level activities with Kanban. We’ll see more and more teams using Kanban to coordinate multiple teams, portfolio management, upsteam & downstream activities and manage end-to-end flow from conception to deployment.
  • Mixed Process Frameworks: Expect more organizations to adopt mixed process frameworks. Scrum + Kanban. CMMI + Scrum. CMMI + Kanban.
  • Business development alignment: Stakeholder and developers will work closer to ensure better alignment of business and development. Popularity in upstream techniques, such as agile chartering, user story mapping and risk management will increase.

So those are my three predictions for the year. Resolutions never survive to the end of the year. Will the predictions fare any better? Let’s see in December!

What are your predictions for the year? Post them in the comments below.

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