How Queues Impact Business Agility

Posted on January 12th, 2011 in Kanban, Lean by siddharta || 29 Comments

When a feature flows through the value stream, it spends a certain amount of time being worked on, and a certain amount of time waiting. The amount of time spent waiting in the queue is known as queue time.

Queues are hidden all over the value stream and can have a big impact on business agility.

The backlog is a good example of a queue. Usually, only the top few items in the backlog are worked on. The rest of the items in the backlog are queued. This means most items on the backlog spend far more time waiting in a queue than being executed.

In the above example, it takes one week to complete a feature, and there are 9 features waiting in the queue. The last feature in the queue will have a lead time of 10 weeks.

This means that if a great new opportunity is identified now, it will be exploited only two to three months later – even though it takes just a week to exploit it. In contrast, a team that maintains an empty queue will be able to act on the opportunity and exploit it within a week. The lead time is down from ten weeks to one week, simply by keeping the queue empty.

Queues are everywhere

If you look at any process (not just software development, but also HR, customer support, etc), you’ll probably notice that work items spend more time in queues than actually being worked upon. That means you can improve lead time by quite a lot simply by reducing queue time, without having to change the productivity of anyone.

In the book Beyond Agile: Tales of Continuous Improvement, I wrote about a case where code reviews were done once a week. If someone finished a story just after the code review day, it would spend a week waiting. The code review itself takes only 15 minute to finish. The total lead time of this step was 4,320 minutes (avg. 3 days) waiting and 15 minutes working. We changed the process to eliminate the queue and instantly struck 3-4 days off the lead time.

The Effect of Multitasking on Queues

Another place where queues get formed is when there is a lot of multitasking. A person cannot work on two things at once. If you are currently working on one thing, the other is waiting. When you multitask among ten things, nine things are waiting at any point in time. In such cases, the total lead time will be mostly waiting time.

This applies at the higher level too. When you have too many initiatives going on, and not enough capacity to work through all of them, then initiatives constantly get shuffled back and forth between waiting and working, or each initiative going slower than expected, leading to increased lead times for all initiatives. I wrote about my own experience in a previous post: The perils of multiple projects. Limiting work in progress is key at both the high level and low level.

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    Great post!I find this time and time again to be a huge source of perlboms between the business and the development organization. Often the development organization becomes a whipping post and even allows itself to be put into this position by not pushing back and forcing the business to make portfolio decisions.Visualizing the backlog is a huge first step to help the business realize it is their responsibility to negotiate and make trade offs, not the development organization. It is interesting to see the changes that happen once the business no longer throws things over the wall and have to make rational decisions about where to invest development capabilities.

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