Silver Catalyst v1.3 Released

Posted on September 6th, 2007 in Catalyst, Tool by siddharta || 1 Comment

A new version of Silver Catalyst has been released. The latest version is now v1.3. Get the latest release from the download page. A free 3 team member version is available from the download page, while paid members can upgrade their installation of Silver Catalyst to this version for free.

The main feature addition is this version is support for CSV import and export. Most popular spreadsheet programs allow you to save and load data in this format, so the new feature allows you to import your spreadsheet data into Silver Catalyst, or export project data into the spreadsheet. This feature is especially useful if you are currently using a spreadsheet to manage your agile project and you want to move the data over to Silver Catalyst.

To import data from Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet with a column containing task descriptions, and optionally, the priority, person assigned to, estimate, status and notes. Save this file in the Unicode Text format and upload the saved file through the CSV Import/Export plugin (Click the Excel icon next to the project name). If you use OpenOffice Calc you will need to save the data in Text CSV format.

Version 1.3 also contains a number of UI enhancements. The status update area has been made more prominent and there is more feedback when submitting forms and editing tasks.

Check it out. Download Silver Catalyst v1.3 and see how you like the new enhancements.

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