Only 39% do retrospectives?

Posted on September 13th, 2007 in Agile by siddharta || No Comment

Diana Larsen points to an interesting statistic — in a recent agile survey, only 39% of survey participants said that they do retrospectives. Given that retrospectives are a cornerstone of improving the process, it is surprising that so few do them. Retrospectives are important because its the way teams evolve the process for their project.

Not surprisingly, most agile process has a retrospective component to the process, although it is called by different names in various processes. For instance, Crystal Clear, a minimal agile process has only three core properties and the retrospective (called the reflection meeting) is one of the three.

The retrospective is very important to an agile process, so if you aren’t doing it, it might be a good idea to just give it a try for a couple of iterations.

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