Managing SLAs and Fixed Date work items in Silver Catalyst

Posted on April 8th, 2011 in Kanban, Silver Catalyst by siddharta || No Comment

If you look through the features in your project, you’ll find some that fit the “Fixed Date” class of service. These are work items that need to be completed by a given date. Some examples are

  • A feature needs to be added in time to meet a regulatory deadline
  • A feature needs to be shown at an upcoming conference

In these cases, there is a big cost if the feature is not ready by the given date.

Another instance where this is used is in Service Level Agreements. Teams that work under SLAs have to complete features within the timeframe prescribed in the SLA, and there could be penalties if the timeframe is not met. This scenario is particularly common with teams that use Kanban on managing maintenance and support projects.

In this screencast, I show how easy it is to manage SLAs and Fixed Date work items in Silver Catalyst. Take a look below

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