Silver Catalyst v1.4 Released!

Posted on September 26th, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || 1 Comment

It’s been just three weeks since the previous release. Frequent releases — thats the agile way 😉 So what are you waiting for? Get it from the download page.

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One Response to “Silver Catalyst v1.4 Released!”

  1. Vivek Says:

    Hi Siddhi,

    I hope you are doing great. Just to recollect memories, my name is vivek makarabooshanam and I was your classmate @iiitb.

    As I saw your pic in this website I could not believe it was you for a second. Glad to know that you are on your own now.

    Congrats and best wishes for your venture.

    I hope you are still in touch with partha.


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