Silver Stories Launch Discounts

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Silver Stories has been in beta for a while now. It’s now time to take it out of beta. Silver Stories will be out of beta from Monday, Oct 3.

What is Silver Stories?

Silver Stories is a tool for creating and visualising story maps. Story maps allow product and stakeholder teams to understand the scope of a project and the current progress against that scope. It allows projects with multiple teams to coordinate together better and improves communication and collaboration across multiple teams and stakeholders. Click here for more about Silver Stories.

Silver Stories Pricing

Silver Stories will follow the integrated pricing model of Silver Catalyst. Just like Silver Catalyst, it will not be priced per-user, but instead one credit per-story map board.

We have a handy price comparison calculator available to compare the per-board pricing model of Silver Stories with the per-user model used in most other tools.

Sign up for launch discounts

We will be distributing a launch discount code valid for one month. This code can be used with both Silver Stories as well as Silver Catalyst. To get this code, sign up for a trial before Oct 3.

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