Tools For Agile Tip: Capturing the whole screen

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If you create large kanban boards or user story maps, then you’ve probably felt the need to sometimes take a screen capture of the whole board or map. Perhaps you want to email it to someone outside the tool. Or maybe you want to archive it somewhere.

The problem is that if you try to use the print screen feature, you’ll only capture a part of the content.

Fortunately, simple solutions exist in the form of browser add-ons. These add-ons support capturing the whole page, including the parts which are not visible on the screen. Here are three free extensions:

Firefox: ScreenGrab! for Firefox is a nifty add-on that saves the whole page as an image. You can save the whole page, or just the visible portion, or you can select the parts to save.

Google Chrome: Screen Capture is Google’s own free extension that allows you to save the whole page.

Internet Explorer: IE Screenshot Free allows you to capture the whole page and save it as a bitmap file.

Now you can easily save your whole story maps and kanban boards and create images like the ones below

Enjoy! :)

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