Cards Can Now Be Assigned To Multiple Users

Posted on October 12th, 2011 in News & Updates by siddharta || 2 Comments

Over the last year we have gotten various feedback on the need to be able to assign a card to more than one user. In response to that request we had come up with the pair programming plugin for the Scrum and Kanban Boards. However this too did not satisfy a subset of our users who wanted more functionality. A typical case is when you are part of a cross functional team and a card would require to be worked on by atleast two or three people (lets say an analyst, a designer and a programmer, etc). It was hard for the Pair Programming plugin to support such scenarios and it was even harder to track user capacities with it.

So today, we take honour in introducing a new enhancement to, that will address this problem. We bring today, full and complete support for multi-user card assigns. You can from now on be able to assign a card to more than one team member, and the associated estimate and other card parameters will be shared by all  assigned team members.

Assigning to multiple users will also be a breeze. The Edit and Add Card Dialogs will have a much more intuitive select box from which you can select and deselect team members as you deem fit.

We would at this juncture like to point out to you that our old Pair Programming Plugin will be discontinued in favour of this new feature. We have ensured that your pair programming data have been migrated into the current enhancement. Here is hoping that this feature provides you with much more flexibility in project management, and much more accurate reports and data.

Do let us know if you like the feature. you can reach us at

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2 Responses to “Cards Can Now Be Assigned To Multiple Users”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Great feature!

  2. Kausikram Says:

    Thanks Amanda :) Hope its of use to you. Do let us know how well it works with your team.

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