Upcoming Webinar: Steering the ship: Using story maps to guide project direction

Posted on November 5th, 2011 in Story Mapping, Webinar by siddharta || No Comment

Our next webinar is on the 23rd of November, 9PM IST (10:30 AM US East Coast, 7:30 AM US West Coast, 4:30 PM Central Europe).

In this webinar we explore Story mapping, both to conceptualise a project, and to guide the implementation strategy.

Topics covered will be

  1. Create a story map
  2. Perform a business analysis of your story map
  3. Come up with a release strategy
  4. Link project progress towards business goals
  5. Find out how you can do it all using story mapping functionality in toolsforagile.com suite.

Learn more about this webinar or register for free here.

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