Two Level Scrum Estimation

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Many Scrum teams use two levels of estimation: A relative estimation technique like Story Points for estimating features, and hourly estimates for tasks.

I’m often asked how such a system can be implemented in Tools For Agile.

Well, we have a plugin for that! Starting May 2012, this plugin is enabled by default, but if you created the board earlier then will have to enable the plugin manually.

To enable the plugin,

  • Go to the Board Settings page and click to the Plugins section
  • Enabled the Two Level Estimation plugin if it is not enabled already

Once the plugin is enabled, you’ll get a Story Points field when creating a card.

And on the card, the story point will be displayed with a little star icon next to the number.

When the plugin is enabled, the following metrics will use the Story Point value in the calculation:

  • Average velocity
  • Scheduled velocity
  • Project burndown graph
  • Velocity trend graph

Note that the iteration burndown will still use the task estimate values.

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