Silver Catalyst 2.0 announced

Posted on November 2nd, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || 32 Comments

I’ve got quite a bit of feedback on Silver Catalyst, where it rocks and where it could improve. For instance, Prakash says he loves the easy install and user interface but says that he would like the ability to split user stories into tasks. That is one of the features coming up in version 2.0. There are a number of other features that are being planned for Silver Catalyst 2.0,  and I’ll be posting to this blog with more about Silver Catalyst 2.0 over the next few weeks.

Just like with version 1.0, as development progresses, pre-release versions will be made available. If you would like to get an invite to download the pre-release versions, head over to the home page and sign up for pre-release updates.

Also, since Silver Catalyst 2.0 is around the corner, any licenses purchased for the current version will be upgraded to Silver Catalyst 2.0 free of cost. In fact, since there will be a price revision after the major version release it probably makes sense to purchase licenses beforehand and then upgrade them.

For more news on Silver Catalyst 2.0, keep watching this blog and sign up for pre-release updates.

Want to upgrade your Silver Catalyst trial license?

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Update: This offer is now closed. Many thanks to all those who provided feedback. I hope you find the fifty user license useful :)

If you’ve been following this blog, you would have known that Silver Catalyst v1.5 was released a few days ago. You would also have known that the free version of Silver Catalyst comes with a three team member license. This is perfect for use with small teams and for evaluation purposes.

But wouldn’t it be cool to use the tool on a real project with the actual team? I know a lot of people would love that.

So I’m doing an experiment. Till the end of this month, I’m giving away a free upgrade of the trial license than can be used by fifty team members. This will probably cover your entire team, so you can use it on a real, live project. It is a license with no time limits and no feature limits. The only thing is that it’s still a trial license so it won’t be eligible for ‘official’ support. Not that it matters, because you can shoot me an email anytime nevertheless.

How do you get this upgraded license?

Download the latest version of Silver Catalyst, use it and then review it on your blog with a link back to the Silver Catalyst homepage. The latest version of Silver Catalyst is 1.5.1 released today (October 15), so if you’ve got an older version, you might want to download the latest one. There are no conditions on the review. It can be positive, negative, whatever. Just keep it unbiased and write what you really think about Silver Catalyst.

Then email me at with the URL of your blog post and I’ll reply with the upgraded license.

Sounds simple? It is. I’m looking forward to reading the reviews!

Silver Catalyst v1.5

Posted on October 12th, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || 1 Comment

Just released Silver Catalyst v1.5 (check out the new homepage). So, whats new in this version? The biggest feature addition is the ability to embed external web pages on the dashboard page. You can now take the build status or acceptance test rate graphs from another application and display them in the Silver Catalyst dashboard. Take a look at this screenshot which shows the build status from the continuous integration tool embedded in the dashboard (click to view full screen):

Dashboard with build status display

Pretty cool, no?  Imagine being able to monitor the status of all the critical tools in one place. Thats what this feature allows you to do. So what are you waiting for? Go and download version 1.5 now!

Silver Catalyst v1.4 Released!

Posted on September 26th, 2007 in Catalyst by siddharta || 1 Comment

It’s been just three weeks since the previous release. Frequent releases — thats the agile way 😉 So what are you waiting for? Get it from the download page.

Silver Catalyst v1.3 Released

Posted on September 6th, 2007 in Catalyst, Tool by siddharta || 1 Comment

A new version of Silver Catalyst has been released. The latest version is now v1.3. Get the latest release from the download page. A free 3 team member version is available from the download page, while paid members can upgrade their installation of Silver Catalyst to this version for free.

The main feature addition is this version is support for CSV import and export. Most popular spreadsheet programs allow you to save and load data in this format, so the new feature allows you to import your spreadsheet data into Silver Catalyst, or export project data into the spreadsheet. This feature is especially useful if you are currently using a spreadsheet to manage your agile project and you want to move the data over to Silver Catalyst.

To import data from Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet with a column containing task descriptions, and optionally, the priority, person assigned to, estimate, status and notes. Save this file in the Unicode Text format and upload the saved file through the CSV Import/Export plugin (Click the Excel icon next to the project name). If you use OpenOffice Calc you will need to save the data in Text CSV format.

Version 1.3 also contains a number of UI enhancements. The status update area has been made more prominent and there is more feedback when submitting forms and editing tasks.

Check it out. Download Silver Catalyst v1.3 and see how you like the new enhancements.

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