Design of Programmer Spaces – My DCamp Presentation

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I gave a presentation at DCamp on the design of programmer spaces. With Agile processes emphasizing the social aspects of software development, this is a topic that has come into focus once more.

We spend a lot of time on improving productivity through better languages, tools and processes. How often do we look at the environment in which the team works? Cubicles are probably the worst environment for programmers because they are poor when you want peace and quiet to work alone and poor when you want to work collaboratively as a pair or group. In this talk we’ll look at some environmental factors that impact teams and how we can design better programmer spaces.

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Agile Chennai 2007 registrations open

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Agile Chennai 2007 is a two day introductory conference for agile software development and agile project management. The Agile Software Community of India organises at least one such conference every year and this year it will be held at Anna University in Chennai.

The conference will be held on October 4 (thats next month), so if you are in India and are interested in agile software development, you should try and make it for the conference. Apart from the scheduled program (the keynote will be given by Jeff Patton this time), the conference is also a good way to meet practitioners of agile software development in India.

Registration for the conference has opened, so head over to the site and register.

Upcoming Agile conferences in India

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The Agile Software Community of India is organising a few conferences and workshops in the coming months.

All the workshops and conferences will be introductory sessions for those new to Agile. So, if you are in India, and are interested in Agile, do drop over to one of these conferences.

I’ll be there at the Agile Chennai 2007 conference. It would be cool to meet up at the conference if you are in Chennai on those days.

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