Project Management vs Project Intelligence

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A lot of emphasis in software development process is placed on project management – making a commitment, planning, and tracking everything so you ensure you don’t drift away from the plan. Funnily enough, many agile projects have also ended up with this ‘form’ of project management.

And don’t get me wrong, it is important not to screw up!

But, in the worry not to screw up, are we losing sight of the opportunity to get better? Do we understand what we are building? Do we know where our bottlenecks are? Are we best aligned to business needs?

So here we go – the showdown between Project Management and Project Intelligence:

Demo: Enterprise Kanban with Silver Stories

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One of the core goals of Enterprise Kanban is to effectively link business with development teams, and to do this across multiple teams, stakeholders and initiatives. This alignment is hard to do, and that is where bigger picture techniques come into play. Some of these techniques are

Silver Stories is a product and portfolio management tool that enables you to apply these higher level concepts across multiple scrum or kanban teams.


For this month’s webinar, we are going to do a free, early access demo that shows these concepts in action. Register for the Silver Stories demo here. The demo is on Wednesday, 23rd March at 10:30 PM IST (see time in other timezones)

Improved Integration Flow in Silver Stories

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We’ve just released a significant update to Silver Stories which vastly improves the integration flow between Stories and Catalyst. Many thanks to all the early users who provided feedback for this.

Here is what the update does:

  • Every project created in Silver Catalyst has an Icebox page. You can use this page to store all features that are in the pipeline, but still not committed to. Once in a while you’ll go through the Icebox and move some of the upcoming stories into the backlog
  • You no longer have the concept of Teams. You can now directly allocate stories from the story map to the project
  • Stories that are allocated on the User Story Map are transferred to the Icebox of the project. From here they team can move it to the appropriate position on the backlog and work on it as usual

I know this is a bit abstract, so if you are using Silver Stories, then send an email to and we’ll do a personalised half hour demo to show you the simplified integration flow in action.

Tracking the big picture across a portfolio

Posted on December 1st, 2010 in Portfolio Management, Silver Catalyst, Silver Stories, Tools For Agile by siddharta || 1 Comment

A big problem in effectively managing multi-initiative programs and portfolios is the ability to quickly grasp the big picture across all the initiatives and teams involved. The new Workspace Dashboard allows you to do just that. The screenshot below shows a typical dashboard.

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The need for Enterprise Kanban

Posted on November 25th, 2010 in Kanban, Lean, Silver Stories by siddharta || 3 Comments

One of the key ideas that Silver Stories supports is the concept of Enterprise Kanban. What is Enterprise Kanban? And why do we need it?

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