Evolving from ad-hoc to Agile to Kanban

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This is the presentation I gave at Agile Bengaluru 2010 this past weekend. It describes the journey moving from ad-hoc development to an agile process and how we then adapted it to a more Kanban like process. The bad news is that you can’t really make out much with just the slides as the commentary is not there. The good news is that the session was recorded, so I’ll post it up once the recording is made available. In the meantime, here is the presentation.

Sprint, Scrum, Product Backlog, Team

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According to Wordle, Sprint, Scrum, Product Backlog and Team are the most common words appearing in this blog. Click the image below to view the whole list.

Silver Stripe Blog: Word Cloud

Introduction to Agile Methodologies presentation

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I recently gave a presentation on an Introduction to Agile Methodologies. Unfortunately, I only have the presentation, and not the audio narration that goes with the presentation. Therefore a few of the slides might not make sense taken out of context from the narration. Here is the presentation:

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Silver Stripe Software @ SVLinks

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Silver Stripe Software is the startup of the month at Startup Venture Links, a new site to aggregate information about startup companies in India.