Starter Edition

For individuals

Hosted Edition

Hosted on our servers

Onsite Edition

Install on your own server

30 day free trial
/ board / month
30 day free trial
/ board / month
Scrum Boards 1 board No limit No limit
Kanban Boards 1 board No limit No limit
User Story Maps 1 board No limit No limit
Users 1 user No limit No limit
Intuitive drag & drop interface
Real Time Synchronization
Tablet, Touch Screen & Mobile Support
API Access
Planning, Prioritisation and Triage
Flow Management
Impediment Management
Standard Scrum & Kanban reports (Burndown, velocity trend, lead & throughput SPC charts)
Custom Reports (via API)
Cross-board Dashboard
Third Party Integrations (LDAP, Source control, ticketing systems, ...)
Write your own custom integrations (via API)

30 day free trial
/ board / month
30 day free trial
/ board / month

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Price Comparator

Compare the per-board pricing of Tools For Agile with per-user pricing of other tools, and see for yourself why the per-board pricing is superior.

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RoI Calculator

What is the cost of all that time sunk in uneccesary status meetings, ineffective collaboration, clerical report writing and missed risk items? Use the RoI calculator to see how much you save with Tools For Agile.

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The per-board pricing model

Unlike many other tools, the Tools For Agile suite is priced per-board, and not per-user. This means, you pay for the number of boards in use, irrespective of the number of users using them. Whether there are 5 users, or 25 users, the price is the same. Use our calculators to compare our per-board pricing model with the per-user model.

Do you charge for number of users?

No. Pricing is based on the number of agile boards. You can have any number of users, it makes no difference.

I have managers or stakeholders who just want to view project status...

You can create unlimited "observer" users who can view project data and sign up for notifications, but cannot add or edit anything.

I no longer need to use a board map. Is there any way I can keep it around without being billed for it?

You can "archive" boards. Once archived you cannot add or edit anymore, but you can still view the data. Archived boards are not counted for billing.

Can I change the number of boards later?

You can upgrade and downgrade the number any time. In fact, we recommend that you start with the minimum number you require right now. You can always upgrade it later if you need to.

Are there any discount programs?

There are discount program for schools, universities and non-profits. Contact us for more information

System Requirements

What browsers do you support?

We support Firefox 3.6+, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 or 9. Internet Explorer 7 will work, but we highly recommend upgrading to IE8 or IE9.

Onsite Edition

What are the pre-requisites for the onsite edition?

The onsite edition is built on a preconfigured virtual machine. Tools for Agile runs on both Windows and Linux. Everything that you need can be downloaded. No additional licenses are required.

What are the hardware requirements for the onsite edition?

A dual core machine, 1 GB of RAM and 5 GB of Hard disk space are the recommended.

Can I do an onsite trial?

Yes, you can. However, we will be unable to offer support on setting up the onsite edition for the trial. It is fairly easy to do though. If you run into problems, you can post your question to our user forum. Contact us if you want to do an onsite trial.

How does licensing work in the onsite edition?

We will give you a license key which is valid for the selected number of boards valid for a year. At the end of the year, you need to renew the license to continue using the Tools For Agile suite.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation: You can cancel your account at any time by archiving all boards and story maps.

Refund: In order to use the Enterprise plan, you need to have valid credits in your account. These credits are paid in full up-front before they are added to your account. You can purchase any number of credits at a time. However, we do not offer refunds of credits that have been purchased.