Customer Success Stories

In this video, Emil Harmsen explains their agile development process and how their teams benefit from using Silver Catalyst in their projects.

Amanda Varella explains how Silver Catalyst makes a big difference at a large Fortune 50 organization.

Managing multiple distributed scrum team

How do you scale Scrum to multiple locations, while retaining the collaborative spirit that makes agile work?

Read this case study to find out how HSG consulting uses Silver Catalyst to enable scrum in large, multi-team, distributed projects for healthcare and pharma companies, resulting in annual savings of $46,800 per project manager.

Read this customer success story.

"Silver Catalyst enabled the collaboration that agile teams thrive on. Teams identified innovative solutions when they understood the full project context."

Helene Gidley, Owner, HSG Consulting

Being Agile with a 70 member virtual team

How do you do agile with a virtual team, when every team member is at a different location? And how do you do it at scale with seventy team members?

Find out how Forever Interactive uses Silver Catalyst to enhance self-organization, communication, collaboration and ultimately pull off the most extreme form of distributed agile.

Read this customer success story.

"Other tools were too complex and seemed to hide more information than they made visible. Silver Catalyst used a visual approach to agile management which aligned with the way our creative people think. It was the only one that ticked all the boxes"

Emil Harmsen, CEO, Forever Interactive