Pricing Calculator

The Tools For Agile suite is priced per-board, not per-user. You pay for each board that you want to use, irrespective of the number of users using the board. Most of our competitors are priced per-user, which means that the more users you have, the more you pay. The following calculator makes pricing comparisons simpler between these two pricing models.

Enter the number of boards you want to use (usually one team uses one board), the number of users, and the competitor's monthly per-user price and the calculator will show you a comparison of prices for one year of usage.

  1. (per user in USD)

Return on Investment Calculator

Agile teams can often waste a substantial amount of time and money doing low-value clerical activities. These activities can easily be handled by a tool, saving teams hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. These include:

  • Wasting time collecting and aggregating data
  • Manually collecting and calculating metrics
  • Preparing standard daily & weekly status reports for management
  • Sitting through endless status meetings
  • Time wasted due to poor collaboration / coordination / miscommunication with remote teams
  • Time wasted because you are unable to effectively track across multiple teams
  • Distributed teams out of sync
  • Stakeholders / Customers and dev team out of sync
  • ...and many more

When you think about it, the RoI on a lightweight tool like Tools For Agile is a no brainer. (this only applies to lightweight tools, because heavyweight tools make you do even more low-value clerical activities like wasting hours doing data entry into the tool and digging around hundreds of screens and tables to collect metrics). This calculator will calculate your RoI if you start using the Tools For Agile suite.

Project Management
  1. Include Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  2. (in USD)
    Enter an average if different people get a different salary
  3. (per person)
    Time spent in uneccesary activities like preparing status reports, status meeting with management, collecting & calculating metrics, time lost to miscommunication etc
Development Team
  1. Include everyone in the team: developers, testers, analysts etc
  2. (in USD)
    Enter an average if different people get a different salary
  3. (per person)
    Time spent using existing tool, extra status meetings with remote teams, time lost to lack of collaboration
Tools For Agile
  1. Usually one cross-functional team requires one board
  2. 40 means you expect the tool to cut wasteful hours by 40%