Webinar: Enterprise Kanban with Silver Stories


23 March 2011, 22:30 IST (See time in other timezones)

About the presenter

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Siddharta is the founder of Silver Stripe Software Pvt Ltd, who develop the Tools For Agile product suite. His primary interest is in improving the way software is delivered through lean and agile software development methodologies.

Siddharta was a speaker at the Lean Software & Systems Conference in Atlanta, 2010 and has more than six years of experience working with lean and agile methods.

Previous webinars in the Enterprise Kanban series focused on Multi tier Kanban and Class of service.

In this webinar we'll be showing the first demo of our new tool - Silver Stories - and how you can use the tool to leverage Enterprise Kanban concepts.

Silver Stories uses visualizations that help you uncover insights that are normally hidden.

This 45 minute webinar will show you visualizations that help you

  • Understand the big picture of what you are building
  • Understand the small details of how you are building
  • Using class of service to link the big picture with the small details


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