Webinar: Steering the ship: Using story maps to guide project direction


23 November 2011, 21:00 IST (See time in other timezones)

About the presenter

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Siddharta is the founder of Silver Stripe Software Pvt Ltd, who develop the Tools For Agile product suite. His primary interest is in improving the way software is delivered through lean and agile software development methodologies.

Siddharta was a nominee for the Brickell Key award and a speaker at the Lean Software & Systems Conference in 2011 and 2010. He has more than six years of experience working with lean and agile methods.

It doesn't matter how fast you go it you're going in the wrong direction. Is your project heading the right way?

Join Siddharta Govindaraj in this webinar as he shows how you can use story maps to both conceptualise a product, and use it to guide your implementation strategy.

You will learn how to

  1. Create a story map
  2. Perform a business analysis of your story map
  3. Come up with a release strategy
  4. Link project progress towards business goals
  5. Find out how you can do it all in the toolsforagile.com suite.


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