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Silver Catalyst is an agile project management tool for teams that use lean-agile methods. Silver Catalyst is the only tool that supports both Scrum and Kanban teams.

Most tools support either Scrum or Kanban. Why did we choose to support both?

Well, it turns out that some types of projects are well suited for Scrum, while other types of projects are much better suited to Kanban. Even if your organization uses only one of these processes today, chances are that you will be looking at both tomorrow.

We understand how frustrating it can be to invest in tools and training, only to realize a year later that your investment is inadequate and you need to migrate tools once again.

We support both Scrum and Kanban so you never have this problem, now or in the future.

Silver Catalyst for Scrum

Silver Catalyst for Scrum

Silver Catalyst for Kanban

Silver Catalyst for Kanban

A Lightweight, Enterprise Tool

Who says an enterprise tools have to be bulky, heavyweight, and difficult to use? Silver Catalyst has a lightweight interface, yet it easily scales up to enterprise class functionality.

  • Easily create, filter and prioritize huge backlogs
  • Comfortably handle large, distributed teams
  • Improve collaboration between team members
  • Use our API to integrate with third party tools like bug trackers, and support systems
  • Available in hosted and on-site editions

Silver Catalyst is used by companies, small and large, including Fortune 50 companies. Visit the resources page to view testimonials and download customer success stories.