Save time and money

Eliminate Overhead

Once a project reaches a certain size, enormous amount of time, money and energy is taken up by project management overheads. Suddenly the project manager's and scrummaster's find themselves in numerous meetings trying to keep everyone in the loop and syncronized. It doesn't help that they have to spend hours with their tools trying to get at the data. As a result, they have less time for actually managing the project, removing impediments and keeping features on track.

Not only do these overheads cost significant amount of money, but they also distract from the important work: removing impediments, eliminating bottlenecks and keep features on track.

Silver Catalyst is lightweight, so you don't spend time fighting with the tool. We also make it a point to keep things visible, so everyone knows what is happening without the need for numerous meetings. Silver Catalyst has an api interface so you can write simple scripts to automatically perform repetitive tasks (for example, creating and emailing a custom report every day). Silver Catalyst is easy to use so that team members who use the tool everyday don't waste their time.

Other tools are complex and difficult to use.

Silver Catalyst is lightweight, and eliminates overheads resulting in significant cost and time savings.