Smarter reporting

Make Smarter Decisions

Silver Catalyst is built around the philosophy that smarter decision making leads to better managed projects. A number of design decisions have been taken in keeping with that idea.

One of the key ideas is to integrate reporting into the places where you make changes. Take sprint forecasting for example. Other tools have a separate report graph that shows you how many sprints are remaining. Silver Catalyst annotates this information on top of the backlog, so you can not only see how many sprints away each feature is, but the information is updated in real time as you re-prioritize the backlog. The result? Smarter prioritization, so you don't push critical features beyond a sprint boundary.

The taskboard is another example where the status and reports are overlaid, so that users can immediately see the outcome from taking a particular action, leading to smarter decisions. When everyone, at all levels of th project, get empowered to make smart decisions, you get a well run, well managed project.

Other tools separate actions from reports

Silver Catalyst integrates reports and actions so you make smarter decisions