Cumulative flow diagram

Kanban Project Management

Based on visual management principles, Silver Catalyst has support for Kanban teams with a strong focus on managing flow of features.

Silver Catalyst has a number of specific features for teams that follow Kanban:

  • Create and manage large backlogs. Prioritize backlogs using drag and drop
  • Customize the workflow and set work in process limits. Silver Catalyst supports hard limits, as well as the ability to override limits to expedite work
  • The visual management system uses colors and patterns to easily identify work item type, class of service, and blocked items
  • Automatically generate cumulative flow graphs and statistical process control charts
  • Silver Catalyst supports a two level hierarchy, so you can break down features into smaller work items

If your teams follow a ScrumBan process (a mix of Scrum and Kanban), then you will be able to use these features in combination with the features for Scrum.

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