Big visible kanban board

Improve Visibility

When you are working with distributed team, the #1 problem is getting the right information to the right people. Oh, data is available alright—most tools generate loads of data. The problem is, this data is locked away in a database and presented in a way that hides information. To figure out whats happening, you need to go through huge, complicated tables and reports, applying all sorts of searches and filters.

Is it any surprise if information is missed and confusion arises?

Other tools make you work hard to identify whats happening

Silver Catalyst makes information visible so that everyone is on the same page

Silver Catalyst is based on visual management principles. The visual taskboard instantly shows you the current status, who is working on what, whether work is blocked or an activity is overloaded, and more. Custom properties allow you to annotate features with custom data. Easily understand the composition of the backlog and make smart prioritization decisions. With Silver Catalyst, you no longer have to wade through pages of tables. Everything you need to know is right in front of you.