Link Business Stakeholders with Development Teams

There is a fundamental gap between the way business stakeholders view initiatives and the way developers view them. Stakeholders think in terms of vision, strategy, positioning, differentiators, and other "big picture" viewpoints. Developers view initiatives in terms of backlogs, user stories, accpetance criteria and velocity.

Telling a stakeholder that the backlog is 50% done, or that the team velocity is 70 points isn't useful - it does not fit their mental model. What stakeholders really want to know are answers to questions like:

  • Can we start showing demos to potential cusotmers?
  • What is the status of a strategic capability that we need to penetrate a new market?
  • Are there any organizational wide impediments that we need to be eliminating?
  • Have we tackled the risky features?

Other tools are developer focused and are unable to answer business questions.

Silver Stories was developed specifically to answer business questions.

With Silver Stories, you can:

  • Allow stakeholders and product owners to visually and collaboratively create the product scope using User Story Mapping
  • Create a Requirement Hierarchy from high level product goals, to large features, to small stories that developers can work on
  • Use Custom Fields to tag parts of the product. For example, you can mark areas of the product that are risky, or strategic features that have important business value (using Kano Models for example)
  • Our Visual Management system shows you the status of every feature and how it fits within the big picture