Use Enterprise Kanban

When upper management identifies an initiative, how long does it take before it actually gets into production? The key to business agility is to minimize the lead time between envisioning an initiative and releasing it into production.

You might think that development team productivity is the bottleneck on lead times. Funnily enough, the bottleneck if often outside the development team, especially if the team is already agile. Proposed features often languish for months before even making it into the development team backlog. Similarly, it can take months before a release is actually deployed into production.

Most organizations are blind about these bottlenecks that limit their lead times. Without visibility into the pre-development and post-development pipelines, it is impossible to increase business agility.

Other tools focus on the development team alone.

Silver Stories is the only tool that enables end to end management of feature flow.

Silver Stories allows you to manage the entire, end-to-end flow of features. Identify bottlenecks in the wider value stream and minimize the lead time from vision to deployment.