Manage Complex Team Structures

Sometimes you are lucky to have a small initiative and a single dedicated cross-functional team to execute it. Most of the time though, multiple teams are involved in executing an initiative. And often there are teams who are involved in multiple projects.

For example, developing a simple product may involve a dedicated engineering team and a website team. At the same time, the website team may be servicing multiple products and stakeholders across the organization. This kind of complex team arrangement is the reality for most organizations.

Other tools require you to change your team structure to fit the way the tool operates.

Silver Stories allows you to manage your existing team structure.

Silver Stories allows you to manage multi-team and multi-initiative structures. Teams can be a part of multiple initiatives and initiatives can be worked on by multiple teams. Silver Stories will automatically track the status of initiatives across all the teams that are involved. At the same time teams can create backlogs composed of stories from different initiatives that they are a part of.